Briefly In English

The Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Association in Finland (SLEAF) is a Swedish-speaking revival movement and mission organisation in Finland. It is rooted in the revival that arose from the teachings of pastor Fredrik Gabriel Hedberg, with the gospel of salvation through Christ as its focal point. The Lutheran Evangelical Association was founded in 1873. In 1922 the bilingual organisation split into a Swedish-speaking (SLEAF) and a Finnish-speaking (SLEY) branch.

SLEAF is working both domestically and abroad. The objective of SLEAF is to spread the gospel of Christ, the Bible and other literature that conforms to the Lutheran Confessions.

In Finland SLEAF works with and among children, young people and families. Activities like services, prayer meetings with sermons and Bible studies are offered regularly as part of the core programme. Music, media and publishing are important tools for outreach and missionary work at home. 

In the early years SLEAF supported mission work in Japan. Since 1963 SLEAF has employed around fifty missionaries in Kenya, starting from 2005 also in Bible translation. In 1989 SLEAF began working in Estonia. Since 2007 SLEAF works in the Near East and sent its first missionaries to Ethiopia in 2016. In 2022 SLEAF employed a missionary who is now stationed on Cyprus working for SAT-7. From 2023 SLEAF is involved in the worldwide Al Massira work. 

On the mission fields SLEAF has put great emphasis on church ministry with preaching, education, diaconal work and teaching in schools. Church buildings and youth polytechnics have been built with mission funds.